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North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association Annual Convention

Dates: February 1, 2018 - February 7, 2018

Time: All Day

Contact: 415-473-4204

Sponsor: Grown in Marin

Location: Los Angeles

Event Details

The convention features three days of tours, including visits to Southern California agritourism leaders Underwood Family FarmsMcKellar Family Farms and Murray Family Farms. For more details, view the NAFDMA website.


Three days of the convention consist of farmers inspired highly rated bus tour. Each bus will have an individualized focus to give attendees an in-depth opportunity to network and share subject matter that is important to them. All buses will visit some of the premier farms in the area.


Learn from your peers and the experts in the industry during two days of Sessions and Workshops. You’ll gather immediate, ready to implement ideas and information on how essential business practices can help grow a farm business.


Many of our past convention goers will tell you that the learning doesn’t stop when you step off the bus or walk out of the last session of the day. The idea or Aha moment that can change your business and your life may be found in a hallway discussion, in a conversation over dinner, or at a farmers’ market in downtown Los Angeles.

Business Exchange

Meet with vendors in this unique trade show experience that features the latest products and services available for farm retail and on-farm entertainment. Build the relationships that matter to your business success.


Event Reminder

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