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Leading 4-H Projects

You can find resources for leading 4-H Projects at: Training Modules

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Grant Applications

Marin County 4-H Council makes available funds to assist new projects and those projects that need additional equipment and materials. 

Grant requests are considered on October 15 and March 15.  

To download the Grant Application, click here.

Project Proficiency Programs

Project Proficiency Programs can help youth to learn at their own speed by measuring their progress in achieving a set of goals.  The program can also help leaders organize and plan their project in a sequential manner.

Leader Orientation

To prepare new leaders to carry out their role as volunteers and agents of the University, they are to complete an orientation through their county 4-H office staff.  

The orientation includes a twenty-seven minute video that is available online at 4-H Volunteer Orientation.

To supplement this video, a seventeen-page training guide with interactive group sessions is available in staff resources. This guide helps increase understanding and knowledge of adult leadership and positive youth development. The sessions are designed to be conducted in-person, with the entire series approximately two hours in length.

Other resources to support volunteer development are available in this site and through your Marin County 4-H Office.

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