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All Star Rank

2010-2011 All Star Judging Rabbit Showmanship
at the West Marin Fair
2010-2011 All Star Judging Rabbit Showmanship at the West Marin Fair

All Star is the highest county 4-H rank. 
It is based upon achievement in leadership, citizenship, publicity/promotion, and


All Star 4-H Ambassador Application
All Star - Letter of Recommendation

Marin county All Star Handbook 51716



The requirements for All Star include:

1.   Hold a Gold Star rank or will earn this rank during the current year.

 2.   Is 14 years of age or in 9th grade before January 1 of the current program year.

 3.   Was enrolled in 4-H during the past year and plan to be active in 4-H
       during the next two years.

 4.   Attend an orientation meeting with the County Teen Advisor/Program

 5.   Complete the 4-H All Star Application and file with the 4-H Program

 6.   Present a summary of your All Star Application Plan accomplishments at
      the year-end 4-H County Council Meeting in May.

 7.   Serve in a county leadership role, in consultation with the Leadership
       Team Advisor and the 4-H Program Representative.

 8.   Participate in an All Star Applicant Interview.

Marin County All Star responsibilities include:  

  •   Being an active member of 4-H while serving.

  •   Serve as a member of the Marin County4-H Leadership Team, which
      helps plan, conduct, and evaluate county and regional events.

  •   Take an active role in at least two of the following events:
      Achievement Day, 4-H Club Officer Training, Day Camp, County
      Presentation Day, County Record Book Judging, and CAL (Creating A
      Leader) Regional Teen Conference.

  •   Attend a County 4-H Council meeting to provide a Leadership Team
      end-of-year report.

  •   Plan and carry out promotional activity to publicize the Marin County
      4-H program. For example:

    •   Make a presentation to the Marin County Board of Supervisors
        during National 4-H Week.
    •   Make a presentation to a city/town council or local service
        organization (Lions, Rotary, Grange, etc.).
    •   Write an article about 4-H for a local newspaper.
    •   Create a 4-H display in a local library, business, or event
        (e.g. Marin County Fair).

  •   Attend State Leadership Conference, which is usually held in August
      each year.
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