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Record Books

Record Books provide an educational experience.  Members use forms to record their yearly activity, as well as to measure and document growth, development and achievements. Record Books encourage goal setting, and teach record management skills. Members can also earn recognition for their involvement. Competitive events are limited to members ages 9 and above.

PRIMARY (ages 5-8)

In Marin County, PRIMARY MEMBERS ages 5-8 may earn a Rainbow Star to recognize their efforts. This age group is non-competitive. Special Marin County forms for primary members are available by clicking on the following links:

JUNIOR (ages 9-13) and SENIOR (ages 14-19)

Information and forms are available on the State 4-H Website at:

These age groups can earn star ranks at progressive levels.
The basic Jr/Sr forms and evaluations are also available here by clicking on the following links:
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