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Marin County 4-H is one of several California county participants in a National 4-H Council initiative for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This initiative was developed in response to the nation’s concern for increasing the human capacity and workforce abilities in these subject areas. STEM includes literacy and engagement components of improving knowledge and skills, addressing issues, including community service, and collaborating with other agencies. 4-H provides a context for STEM which combines a non-formal educational setting with these components. STEM addresses the division's Healthy Youth, Families and Communities Initiative by increasing science literacy.

The Marin CountyST EM program participates in National Youth Science Day (NYSD) every October. NYSD projects have an environmental focus and are framed around experiential and inquiry based learning.  Marin County 4-H has made these experiments and activities available in clubs, schools, afterschool programs, camps and fairs.

Forest health education has been delivered to Marin youth since 2009 through Marin County Peer Summit, Marin County Farm Day, Environmental Stewardship pilot training, after school programs and the 4-H Junior Naturalist Day Camp. The development of both adult and teen volunteers is a significant component of the program. More information about SOD and forest health education is available in this site at:










The goals of the Marin County STEM Plan include increasing youth participation, documenting increased literacy and improved attitudes, enhancing adult and youth leadership, and developing potential future models.

More information about STEM at the state and national levels is available at:

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