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H-Lane Vaqueros 4-H Club

State - Group

The H-Lane Vaqueros 4-H Club meets:

Date: Twice per month on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays

Time: All Day

Place: 171 "H" Lane, Novato

Community Club Leader: 

Pat Duffy, p171duffy@aol.com

Enrollment Coordinator:

Daniella Seghieri, dseghieri@sbcglobal.net


This club studies horses and ponies, and all that pertains to them, including horsemanship, veterinary care, breeds, and anatomy. 

  • Equine - Horse
  • Equine - Pony


*Note:  4-H requires that members be 9 years old to ride, but younger aged children are welcome to join and study all other aspects of horses and ponies.