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Embryology: Classroom Program

The University of California Cooperative Extension Office in Marin County has research based curriculum,and experienced staff for consultation. The 4-H program no longer loans equipment or purchases eggs for classroom embryology programs, but we can help you locate equipment and supplies. Please contact our office at 415-473-4207 for a list of suppliers.

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The Embryology project takes about 5-6 weeks of classroom time.

  • Equipment Check and Incubator Warm-up:  3-4 days
  • Incubation:  21 days
  • Drying/ Transfer/ Brooding:  14 days


Teachers have access to guides and teaching resources from the Marin County 4-H program.

Curriculum Support

Teachers have the opportunity to use Embryology as the foundation for a Unit Study that integrates math, science, and language arts.  Click here for tools that you can use in the classroom with your students.