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August 2018 Marin 4-H Newsletter (706KB)

4-H Spirit Day, All Star, Record Books, Club Leader Dinner on August 23, State and National Events

PDF 8/2/18
July 2018: Marin 4-H Newsletter (428KB) PDF 7/30/18
June 2018: Marin 4-H Newsletter (536KB) PDF 7/30/18
May 2018 Marin 4-H Cloverleaflet (533KB) PDF 5/1/18
April 2018 Marin 4-H Cloverleaflet (777KB)

View the Marin 4-H Cloverleaflet. 

PDF 4/2/18
March CLOVERLEAFLET 2018 (2,133KB)

Calendar * Area Presentation Day * Camp News * more!

PDF 3/2/18
FEB Cloverleaflet 2018 (2,768KB)

calendar * camp news * club news * Presentation Day 

PDF 2/5/18
JAN Cloverleaflet 2018 (2,431KB)

Calendar * Club News * Camp Update * Equine Field Day 

PDF 1/4/18
DEC 2017 4-H Cloverleaflet (2,698KB)

camp * calendar * poultry news * record books

PDF 12/4/17
NOV Cloverleaflet 2017 (2,798KB)

calendar * camp news * update your PDR * Teen News * club news

PDF 11/6/17
OCT Cloverleaflet 2017 (2,777KB)

calendar * camp news * club news

PDF 10/9/17
September 2017 Cloverleaflet (2,798KB)

Calendar * Enrollment * Shooting Sports * All Stars * More!!

PDF 9/5/17
September 2017 Cloverleaflet (2,798KB)

Achievement Day * Enrollment * New Club! * Record Books * more!

PDF 9/5/17
August 2017 Cloverleaflet (2,980KB)

Calendar * Events * Record Books * Cross Clubbing * More!

PDF 8/2/17
June/July 2017 (5,282KB)

Calendar * Enrollment * Fair News * Golden Clover Nominations

PDF 7/13/17
May 2017 Cloverleaflet (2,769KB)

Calendar * New Project * Scholarships * State Field Day

PDF 5/4/17
April Cloverleaflet 2017 (2,425KB)

Calendar * Club News * Camp * Fashion Revue/Favorite Foods Day * REGIONAL PRES DAY UPDATE!

PDF 4/7/17
March Cloverleaflet 2017 (2,573KB)

Calendar * Area Presentation Day * All Star News * Record Books * Tech and Youth

PDF 3/3/17
February 2017 CLOVERLEAFLET (1,345KB)

This is a re-post of the February Newsletter. If you have trouble retrieving or opening the newsletter, please email Allison at


Thank you!


PDF 2/8/17

Calendar * Presentation Day * Farm Day * Club News

January 2017 Cloverleaflet (2,542KB)

Calendar * Club News * Presentation Day Update * Scholarship Opportunity * Volunteer Resources

PDF 1/10/17
December 2016 Cloverleaflet (1,468KB)

Club News* Holiday Celebrations * Regional News * Presentation Day * Volunteer Development Opportunities

PDF 12/2/16
November 2016 Cloverleaflet (2,064KB)

Calendar * C.A.L. Conference * Clover Day * Club News and more!

PDF 11/3/16
October Cloverleaflet 2016 (1,965KB)

Achievement Day * Calendar * Record Books * Fashion Revue * New Volunteers

PDF 10/5/16
Cloverleaflet August 2016 (2,618KB)

Calendar*  Club News*  Record Books*  Enrollment*  

PDF 8/16/16
June_July Cloverleaflet 2016 (865KB)

Calendar * County News * New Staff * Jr. Naturalist Day Camp

PDF 7/1/16
May 2016 Cloverleaflet (1,127KB)

West Marin Fair * Tri Valley BBQ * Club News * County News * Calendar

PDF 5/2/16
April Cloverleaflet 2016 (754KB)

Calendar * State Field Day * Camp * Club News * Record Books

PDF 4/15/16
March Cloverleaflet 2016 (1,600KB)

Camp * Calendar * Club News 

PDF 3/15/16
February 2016 Cloverleaflet (1,105KB)

Calendar * Presentation Day * All Stars * Club News * Shooting Sports * 4-H in the Classroom * Farm Day

PDF 2/3/16
January 2016 Cloverleaflet (2,507KB)

calendar * Presentation Day * Farm Day * All Stars * Camp * Club News

PDF 1/19/16
Cloverleaflet December 2015 (686KB)

All Star News *Calendar * Camp News * Community Service * Presentation Day * Record Books

PDF 12/9/15
November 2015 CLOVERLEAFLET (538KB)

Calendar * Presentation Day * Favorite Foods Day * Fashion Revue * Camp

PDF 11/23/15
October Cloverleaflet 2015 (940KB)

calendar * camp * update your record book * State Fashion Revue

PDF 10/15/15
September CloverLeaflet 2015 (457KB)

Calendar * Record Books * Enrollment * New Projects!

PDF 9/3/15
August 2015 Cloverleaflet (405KB)

calendar * council news * enrollment * record books

PDF 8/11/15
July 2015 Cloverleaflet (1,704KB)

Uniform Changes * Calendar * Record Books 

PDF 7/10/15
Cloverleaflet June 2015 (964KB)

Calendar * West Marin Fair * Record Books * Enrollment * State Tech Committee

PDF 6/16/15
April Cloverleaflet 2015 (1,165KB)

Record Books, Farm Day, Fashion Revue & Favorite Foods Day, Calendar

PDF 4/7/15
March Cloverleaflet 2015 (647KB)

calendar, Update Your PDR, Camp, Farm Day

PDF 3/9/15
February 2015 Cloverleaflet (1,077KB)

Presentation Day * Camp * Club News * March Hare * 4-H Afterschool

PDF 2/6/15
January 2015 Cloverleaflet (621KB)

calendar * 4-H at the Book Passage * Presentation Day * Camp * 4-H in the Classroom

PDF 1/9/15
November 2014 (1,832KB)

Club News, County News, Calendar, Presentation Day

PDF 11/12/14
October Cloverleaflet 2014 (1,997KB)

calendar * club news * update your PDR * Camp Dates Announced!

PDF 10/20/14
September CloverLeaflet 2014 (564KB)

National Youth Science Day, Shooting Sports, Sewing, Enrollment

Update your Calendar!!

PDF 9/5/14
August 2014 Cloverleaflet (606KB)

Record Books, Calendar, Enrollment, Photo Contest, Sewing

PDF 8/8/14
July 2014 Cloverleaflet (12,945KB)

calendar, Marin County Fair, NYSD

PDF 7/8/14
June Cloverleaflet 2014 (1,712KB)

calendar, record books, club news, Marin County Fair/Healthy Living

PDF 6/6/14
May 2014 Cloverleaflet (2,865KB)

calendar, Marin County Fair, Club News, Tri Valley Chicken BBQ

PDF 5/7/14
April Supplement - Cloverleaflet (162KB)

West Marin Fair, Thank You, Scientist for a Day

PDF 4/10/14
April Cloverleaflet 2014 (1,461KB)

calendar, camp committee, county events

PDF 4/7/14
February Cloverleaflet 2014 (982KB)

calendar, non-tobacco policy, Record Books, Uniform Contest, Presentation Day

PDF 2/6/14
January 2014 (1,710KB)

Calendar, camp, Record Books, Club News and more!

PDF 1/3/14
December 2013 Cloverleaflet (546KB)

Calendar, Record Books, Club News, Important Camp Update, Events


PDF 12/13/13
November 2013 (368KB)

Calendar, Fashion Revue, Record Books, Presentation Day

PDF 11/14/13
October 2013 Cloverleaflet (820KB)

Calendar, Club News, County News & Annoucements, Outreach

PDF 10/16/13
September Cloverleaflet 2013 (839KB)

enrollment, State Leadership Conference, Nation Youth Science Day, Shooting Sports, Horse Club, Remembering Ellie Genazzi

PDF 9/6/13
August 2013 Cloverleaflet (565KB)

calendar, research, record books, diversity outreach, county news

PDF 8/1/13
July 2013 - Cloverleaflet (5,168KB)

Fair Success, Calendar, Record Books, Survey Request

PDF 7/18/13
June Cloverleaflet 2013 (1,469KB)

calendar, service, club news, record books

PDF 6/6/13
May 2013 (398KB)

Camp - 2nd Week added, Club News, Outreach, Fair deadlines, Council Election

PDF 5/8/13
April 2013 (1,272KB)

Calendar, Fairs, Camp, Council Meeting, Update Your PDR

PDF 4/9/13
March Supplement 2013 (489KB)

We have the happy problem of having so many great articles come in that another supplement was in order!

Our members have been super busy doing great and amazing things!  Be sure to put everything in those record books!

PDF 3/20/13
March Supplement 2013 (489KB)

We have the happy problem of having so many great articles come in that another supplement was in order!

Our members have been super busy doing great and amazing things!  Be sure to put everything in those record books!

PDF 3/20/13
March 2013 Supplement (413KB)

Presentation Day Report - Newsletter Supplement

(should have been included in your newsletter)

PDF 3/18/13
March Cloverleaflet 2013 (1,485KB)

Calendar, Volunteer Opportunities, Club News, Update Your PDR

PDF 3/18/13
February 2013 CloverLeaflet (593KB)

calendar, Presentation Day, Record Books, Camp

PDF 2/1/13
January 2013 Cloverleaflet (1,391KB)

Presentation Day, Calendar, Update your PDR, County Wide Sewing, State Field Day

PDF 1/16/13
November 2012 (611KB)

Calendar, Record Book, County News

PDF 11/12/12
December 2012

calendar, club news, camp, presentation day

PUB 12/3/12
September 2012 (519KB)

Calendar, Enrollment, Club News, Achievement Day, Staff News

PDF 9/5/12
August Cloverleaflet (408KB)

calendar, record book judging, enrollment, club news

PDF 8/1/12
July 2012 Cloverleaflet (4,758KB)

Calendar, Marin County Fair Update, Record Books

PDF 7/18/12
June 2012 (4,526KB)

Calendar, Record Books, Club News, WM Fair Photos

PDF 6/6/12
May 2012 (558KB)

Calendar, Club News, West Marin 4-H Fair, Update Your Record Book, Food Safety Training

PDF 5/17/12
May 2012 (558KB)

Calendar, Club News, West Marin 4-H Fair, Update Your Record Book, Food Safety Training

PDF 5/17/12
April 2012 (1,038KB)

Fair news, grants, club news, State Field Day

PDF 4/18/12
March Cloverleaflet 2012 (980KB)

Thrive, Club News, Events

PDF 3/14/12
February CloverLeaflet 2012 (1,363KB)

Presentation Day, Record Books, Thrive, West Marin Fair, State Field Day

PDF 2/3/12
2012 Presentation Day & Fashion Review

Complete instructions and entry form for 2012 Presentation Day and Fashion Review, Sunday March 4th from noon to 4:00 p.m.
at the Dance Palace in Pt. Reyes

Also attached please find information on Sectional Presentation Day.
Please contact Allison at the 4-H office (415-473-4207) if you would like to sign up for sectional P.D. in the event that you get a gold at our County Presentation Day.

Gold winners aged 9 and up qualify for Sectionals. Favorite Foods participants do not advance to Sectionals.

DOCX 2/1/12
January 2012 (721KB)

Embryology, State News, Uniforms, Camp

PDF 1/13/12
December 2011 (568KB)

Calendar, Contribution, Update Your PDR, Camp, Online Record Book

PDF 12/8/11
November 2011 (1,434KB)

Contribution, Calendar, Online Record Book, C.A.L. Conference, West Marin Fair, Presentation Day

PDF 11/7/11
October 2011 (490KB)

Community Service, New Leader Orientation, Update Your PDR, Club News,
C.A.L. Conference

PDF 10/5/11
September 2011 (817KB)

Calendar, Thrive, Club News, New Leader Orientation

PDF 9/6/11
August 2011 Cloverleaflet (438KB)

Enrollment, Thrive, Update your PDR, Shooting Sports

PDF 8/5/11
June 2011 (1,429KB)

Club News, Calendar, Update Your PDR, Year End Reporting

PDF 6/20/11
May 2011 (2,308KB)

State Program News, Calendar, Club News, West Marin Fair

PDF 5/6/11
Cloverleaflet April 2011 (2,623KB)

Farm Day, Fairs, Club News, Update Your PDR

PDF 4/14/11
March 2011 (1,070KB)

Record Books, Calendar, Food Safety Education, Club News, Sectional Presentation Day

PDF 3/18/11
February 2011 (773KB)

Record Books, Youth Development, 4-H Camp, Club News, Farm Day, Presentation Day

PDF 2/11/11
January 2011 (615KB)

Calendar, Record Books, Update Your PDR, S.E.T. Resources, Presentation Day, Farm Day

PDF 1/14/11
December 2010 (894KB)

Record Books, Club News, Presentation Day, Peer Summit

PDF 12/9/10
October 2010 Cloverleaflet (294KB)

Calendar, National 4-H week, Enrollment, Goat Project

PDF 9/28/10
Cloverleaflet Supplement-August 2010 Calendar for upcoming program year, Grant information, Enrollment, and New Leader Training PDF  
July/August 2010 Cloverleaflet Calendar, Bench Dedication, Fair Photos, S.E.T. Science Summit, Enrollment News PDF  
June 2010 Cloverleaflet Calendar, Club News, Cool 4-H Projects, West Marin 4-H Fair, Teen Corner PDF  
May 2010 Cloverleaflet May,June,July calendar, Sectional Presentation Day, Update Your PDR, up-coming fairs, State 4-H Field Day, Teen Corner PDF  
April 2010 Cloverleaflet Calendar, Nicasio and San Rafael 4-H club community service, Council grants, Nicasio-Tri Valley Fair, See's Candies fundraiser, State 4-H Field Day PDF  
March 2010 Cloverleaflet Calendar, Summer Camp, Community Service, Grant Program, Nicasio-Tri Valley Fair, State 4-H Field Day, Teen Corner PDF  
February 2010 Cloverleaflet Calendar of fairs and important dates,4-H Summer Camp, Update Your PDR, summer fairs, 4-H gear from Leslie Carman, scholarship opportunity PDF  
January 2010 Cloverleaflet January calendar, new leaders, Teen Council, Poultry Field Day, Farm Day, Presentation Day, on-line resources PDF  
December 2009 Cloverleaflet County calendar, Officer's training, CAL Conference, club budgets, Technology corner PDF  
November 2009 Cloverleaflet 2009-2010 Calendar, Presentation Day, Farm Day, Enrollment News, CAL Conference PDF  
August 2009 Cloverleaflet August calendar, new county director, 4-H staff transition, first 4-H meetings of new program year, Record Book info, 4honline enrollment PDF  
July 2009 Cloverleaflet July Calendar, 4-H Mini-Day Camp, 4-H Day on the Farm, Record Books, online enrollment, last paper issue of Cloverleaflet PDF  
June 2009 Cloverleaflet June calendar, Statewide 4-H News, Marin and Sonoma fairs, West Marin 4-H Fair, 4-H online enrollment, Melody Osheroff memorial, State Leaders Forum, 4-H 2009 graduates PDF  
May 2009 Cloverleaflet May calendar, local county fairs, State 4-H Field Day, Nicasio-Tri-Valley 4-H Fair, West Marin 4-H Fair, online enrollment, scholarships PDF  
April 2009 Cloverleaflet April calendar, West Marin Fair, Statewide 4-H news, Nicasio-Tri-Valley Fair, Cal 4-H Online enrollment system, Update Your PDR PDF  
March 2009 Cloverleaflet March calendar, Sectional Presentation Day, Poultry Field Day, Marin County Farm Day, Presentation Day, Food Safety, You See Davis Days, Quality Assurance & Ethics training PDF  
February 2009 Cloverleaflet February calendar, State 4-H Field Day, State Leadership Conference, Presentation/Favorite Foods Day, UCCE/4-H Marin SET, Marin County Farm Day PDF  
January 2009 Cloverleaflet Calendar, statewide 4-H news, Presentation/Favorite Foods Day, County-wide Leader Training, 4-H Council meeting, tax tips for 4-H volunteer leaders PDF  
December 2008 Cloverleaflet December calendar, California Focus, International Exchange, CAL Conference, Presentation Day, SET Initiative PDF  
November 2008 Cloverleaflet November Calendar, Volunteer Website, Exchange Program, County-wide Leader Training, See's Candy Fundraiser, Update Your PDR PDF  
October 2008 Cloverleaflet October calendar, volunteer website, state record book competition, Achievement Day, leader training, See's candy fundraiser PDF  
September 2008 Cloverleaflet Calendar, statewide news, local 4-H meeting information, National 4-H Week, Achievement Day PDF  
August 2008 Cloverleaflet August Calendar, Statewide News, County and Club News, Camp Training, State Leaders' Forum PDF  
July 2008 Cloverleaflet July calendar, statewide news, county and club news, West Marin Fair results, State Leaders Forum PDF  
June 2008 Cloverleaflet Calendar of events, state field day, state leadership conference, Tufts study, boat project, West Marin Fair, grants, awards, etc. PDF  
May 2008 Cloverleaflet May calendar of events, state field day, state leadership conference, Nicasio-Tri Valley Fair, West Marin Fair, Grants & Scholarship Opportunities PDF  
April 2008 Cloverleaflet April calendar, statewide news, Nicasio Tri-Valley Fair, boat project, grants & scholarships PDF  
March 2008 Cloverleaflet March calendar, Sectional Presentation Day, UC Davis Days, Farm Day, sailing project, Presentation Day photos PDF  
January 2008 Cloverleaflet Calendar, CA camping conference, record book training, Presentation Day news, summer camp staff recruitment PDF  
February 2008 Cloverleaflet February calendar, Sectional Presentation Day news, County Presentation Day news, grants, awards & scholarship opportunities PDF  
December 2007 Cloverleaflet Calendar, Statewide News, CAL conference info, Presentation Day workshop info, Grant & Scholarship opportunities PDF  
November 2007 Cloverleaflet Monthly calendar, info on State activities, info on CAL Conference, wildfire donations PDF  
October 2007 Cloverleaflet Marin County 4-H monthly newsletter PDF  
September 2007 Cloverleaflet Marin County 4-H monthly newsletter PDF  
August 2007 Cloverleaflet Marin County 4-H monthly newsletter PDF  
July 2007 Cloverleaflet Marin County 4-H monthly newsletter PDF  
June 2007 Cloverleaflet Marin County 4-H monthly newsletter PDF  
May 2007 Cloverleaflet Marin County 4-H monthly newsletter PDF  
April 2007 Cloverleaflet Marin County 4-H monthly newsletter PDF  
March 2007 Cloverleaflet Marin County 4-H monthly newsletter PDF  
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