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How to Write Emails That Your Customers Actually Look Forward to Reading
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Are you writing an email to your list every week? If not, you should be! Email newsletters are the best way to cultivate a relationship of trust with your lead and clients — especially if you can write one that ISN’T boring. In this workshop, we’ll share some best practices for the art of email copywriting. Learn what to talk about, how to structure your content, and how to get your customers to look forward to your weekly email!
Our guest presenter is Corinna Bench. Corinna is an entrepreneur, CSA farmer, speaker, podcaster, consultant, and educator who is committed to helping CSA farmers build CSAs that are profitable and viable for the long-term. Since 2008, she and her husband are full-time farmers at Shared Legacy Farms in Elmore, OH, where they manage a 425 member CSA customer base, that now boasts a retention rate near 90%. Corinna is also the founder of MyDigitalFarmer.com which is dedicated to helping farmers master the art of messaging, sales and customer management for their CSA.