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Bring in the Pollinators!
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Contact: Nanette Londeree at londereen@gmail.com
Sponsor: UC Marin Master Gardeners

Program: In addition to bees and butterflies, the insects, birds, and mammals that pollinate plants are vital to sustaining our food supply and ecosystems. Join us and learn who these garden visitors are, how to create environments to attract and protect them, and see the wide variety of nectar and pollen-rich flowers you can plant in your garden to support them throughout the seasons.

Speaker: Suzanne Bontempo, is a manager of the Our Water Our World program. Suzanne works as an environmental educator, teaching the principles of Integrated Pest Management for sustainable, eco-friendly pest management around the home and garden. She is an IPM Advocate, a Bay Friendly Qualified Landscaper, QWEL certified, a Master Composter, and loves teaching folks how to grow bountiful gardens that are also safe and healthy for you, your family, and the environment.

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Cost: None

This event is sponsored by YardSmartMarin, Our Water Our World.

Contact: For more information about this event, contact Nanette Londeree at londereen@gmail.com.