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Projects 2021-2022

San Rafael 4-H Club

Meetings:  Meetings will be held at First Congregational Church of San Rafael, 8 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael.  Monday meetings begin at 6:30 pm in the Oak Room (first room on the right side of the courtyard) or church courtyard.  Look for a San Rafael 4-H Club sign on the door. [Take the Civic Center Exit from Highway 101. The church is on the west side of the freeway]. Sunday meetings are also held at the church.  Meeting times vary so check the calendar and monthly newsletters for start and end times for Sunday meetings. Field Trip times will vary given the location of the trip and whether we are going as a group or going to a specific location as individuals during a time period.


San Rafael 4-H Club Projects for 2021-2022Arts & Crafts, Bee Keeping, Cavy (Guinea Pigs), Community Pride/Service, Dog Care and Training, Cooking, Geology, Leadership, Photography, Poultry, Rabbits, Science, Sewing, and Dwarf Nigerian Goats .  For older members who want to take on a more significant leadership role, there is the opportunity to be a Junior/Teen Leader for a project, which means assuming responsibility for a significant part of the project meetings.  At the county level there is a Teen 4-H Club that meets monthly. 


Projects open to members from other 4-H Clubs: The following San Rafael 4-H Club projects welcome members from other 4-H Club to participate (cross-club): Bee keeping, Cavy, Dog Care and Training, Geology, Photography, Poultry, Rabbits, Science, and Sewing. There is also the opportunity to cross-club, participate in projects at other 4-H clubs depending on the club and the project.  Check with the Community Club Leader for additional information.


Arts & Crafts Leader:  Caryl Hodges  carylhodges14@gmail.com  

Bee Keeping: Cecil Nielsen  crnielsen@comcast.net

Cavy (Guinea Pig):  Caryl Hodges  carylhodges14@gmail.com    

Community Service Leader:   Caryl Hodges carylhodges14@gmail.com   

Cooking Leader:   Caryl Hodges  carylhodges14@gmail.com   

Dog Care & Training Leader: CarylHodges  carylhodges14@gmail.com  

Geology Leader:   Douglas Charlton  doug@charltonint.us

Leadership:   Caryl Hodges  carylhodges14@gmail.com

Photography Leader: Pamela Smith  pamela@gingjazzy.com

Poultry Leader:  Erin Rose Charlton  erin.o.charlton@gmail.com

Rabbits Leader: Caryl Hodges carylhodges14@gmail.com 

Science Leader:   Caryl Hodges  carylhodges14@gmail.com

Sewing Leaders:  Caryl Hodges  carylhodges14@gmail.com

                                 Cecil Nielsen  crnielsen@comcast.net