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Projects - Tri-Valley 4-H Club

For more information on any of our club projects, contact Community Club Leader Cindy Pomi at (707) 778-6811 or cmpomi@yahoo.com

Arts and Crafts—Leader Barbara Brooks

Learn how to maintenance honey bee colonies.

Bee Keeping—Leader Patty Pomi

Learn to make creative items or projects.

Cattle: Beef—Leader Mark Pomi and Cindy Pomi

Members learn about the care and management of market and breeding beef. 

Cattle: Dairy—Leaders Dominic Grossi and Nancy Grossi

Members learn about dairy cattle, their care and management.  Members may raise animals for milk, breeding, or sale as bred heifers. 

Communications/Public Speaking—Lesha Harding

Members develop oral and written communications skills.  Learn about various methods used to communicate including speech and writing.  Our main focus is for the group to select a topic and develop their speech/demonstration for county presentation day in February.

Cooking- Leaders

Members develop cooking skills and learn about nutrition while experimenting with great recipes and types of foods.

Leadership—Leaders Cindy Pomi

Members learn abut leadership for an individual, group, and organization.

Market Swine—Leader Barb Brooks

Members learn about the care and management of market swine.  Members may raise animals for market or show.

Poultry—Leaders Patty Pomi

       Members learn avian science focused on poultry.

Rabbits—Leaders Karen Corda and Dorothy Drady

Members learn the care, feeding, management of rabbits.  Members may raise animals for pets, fur, show and breeding.