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For Volunteers

Leading 4-H Projects

California 4-H is happy to now make available training through eXtension.

Currently eXtension provides introductory training for new and returning volunteers. We look forward seeing more course offerings in the future on many subjects that can help club and project leaders with their volunteer service. 

Instructions for creating an account in eXtension can be found here:  Volunteer_access_for_eXtension (1)

eXtension can be accessed here: https://campus.extension.org/


 Resources for your Projects

 The California 4-H website has a number of resources for leaders to help with activities and projects.

You can find resources for leading 4-H Projects here: Leader Resources


State Activities/ Events

State Field Day is an annual event held at U.C.Davis for 4-H members and their families. State-wide competitions are held here: State Presentation Day, State Fashion Review, Interview Contest.

There are other activities such as judging contests, photography contests, and activity stations. State Field Day is held on the 4th Saturday in May, and details are updated here: California 4-H State Field Day






Each year, clubs are required to turn in a financial reporting summary to the county office. A meeting of at least two members and two adult partners should be held to review the financials before they are turned in.  

The Treasurer's Record Book should be turned in by August 31st to the county office.  Guidelines for the book's contents are here:  Treasurer Year End Instructions - Forms

Treasurers' books are required of each club, and are evaluated for excellent record keeping. Treasurers receive recognition at Achievement Day for their efforts. Here is how the books are evaluated:  Treasurer Eval Form

For treasurers just getting started, this guide can be helpful:

Some treasurers wish to keep all records in excel. They may prefer to use this workbook of linked sheet forms:  Copy of 2013_14 Treasurer Reports

The full Treasurer's Manual can be found here: http://4h.ucanr.edu/files/14647.pdf


Council Expenditures

To be reimbursed for expenses related to Council activity, please complete a Request for Reimbursement form and submit with receipts to the Council Treasurer. Only expenses that have been pre-approved and/or are related to the Council budget are eligible for reimbursement.

Check Request Form

Grant Applications

Marin County 4-H Council makes available funds to assist new projects and those projects that need additional equipment and materials. 

Grant requests are considered on October 15 and March 15.  

To download the Grant Application, click here.