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Link to 4-H County Ambassador (All Star)
4-H County Ambassadors serve in the highest 4-H leadership role in Marin County 4-H. The 4-H County Ambassador position not only recognizes a member's leadership abilities, but it is also a working honor.

2021 Marin 4-H Scholarship Application
Due June 1, 2021

Marin County 4-H is committed to promoting higher education. With help from donors, scholarships are available for graduating high school seniors and college-attending students. The Marin 4-H Council offers scholarship funds to eligible candidates. Individual awards vary in amount, with amounts ranging from $250 to $1,000, provided to 1 to 5 recipients. The amount and number of awards are based on the number of applications received, the merits of each applicant, and amount of available funding. Previous scholarship recipients may reapply.

Emerald Star Application and Requirements (1)
The Emerald Star rank is intended to provide an engaging and meaningful 4-H experience for youth members, in 7th grade and up, who are ready for larger leadership roles, but who do not yet meet the state’s grade requirement for County Ambassador.

  • Be in grade 7 or above
  • Have achieved the Silver Star rank OR the equivalent requirements to earning a Silver Star rank
  • Have served as a Junior or Teen Leader
  • Have completed 20 hours of community service

Awards Summary Marin 4-H: List of pins and awards available in Marin
There are many different ways that 4-H members can earn recognition for their work in 4-H. Achievement and recognition are important aspects of our program and youth development. The 4-H hat is the place where earned recognition is displayed. Here is a reference to some examples and their placement. This is a bit outdated because the senior hat is no longer white, and the new green hat has a larger logo. But this gives you an idea.