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Healthy Living

Healthy Eating for Living Well

The Marin County Fair's Make Your World Pavilion offered many exciting activities and resources to help make fairgoers' world a healthier, happier one. There were cooking demonstrations, wellness activities, and gardens and sampling of fresh produce. 

The UCCE exhibit gave fairgoers an opportunity to check their Healthy Living IQ, with ideas for healthier eating choices that are fun and delicious. Groups of teen presenters led the activities, led by: Olivia Puppo (team leader), Gabriel Ural, Marlowe Ural, Max Muncy, & Liam Gavin.   

For more information about the fair & pavilion, click here: Make Your World Pavilion - Healthy Fare 

The Healthy Eating IQ Quiz from the Healthy Fare activity is available by clicking: Healthy Eating. (The Spanish version is forthcoming.) The quiz content is based on the public info at the MyPlate website. Remember...Eat Healthy To Live Well!