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COVID-19 Resources for Marin Communities

The following resources are from weekly emails that UCCE Marin has been compiling and sending out to Marin communities since the first installment went out on March 20, 2020. 

Marin County, through the Marin Recovers process, has begun sequential reopening of business and institutional activities.  You can access resources including guidelines for safe and sustained reopening in industry-specific sectors, progress indicators, and other updates on the Marin Recovers website.

Food Assistance

  • To get connected to a specialist for free, confidential, 24/7 personalized assistance related to food and other assistance, call (415) 473-7191.
  • For information on resources and services for older adults (60+) as well as individuals of any age with disabilities and family caregivers, call (415) 457-INFO, or (415) 457-4636.
  • For those experiencing limited income or unemployment, call Marin County Public Assistance at (877) 410-8817 for information about Medi-Cal and CalWorks.  Call (415) 767-5220 or visit www.C4yourself.com for information on CalFresh.
  • Find locations for San Francisco Marin Food Bank's pop-up pantries that are open to the public, or visit their Food Locator to connect with even more food resources.  There is no need to sign-in or show ID in order to receive groceries every week.

Find Local Food

Grow Your Own Food

Resources for Farmers and Ranchers

Coronaviruses in Human and Animal Health

How widespread are coronaviruses?
Disease from coronaviruses is very common in humans and animals. Many species have their own version of coronavirus. In fact, one of the causes of the common cold in people is a coronavirus. What’s important to understand is that in general, these viruses stick with a species based on how their surface proteins fit receptors on the cells of their target species, in a lock and key fashion. The reasons the novel corononavirus has caused the world to enter gridlock is because it is new to our species, there is no immunity to it in the population, it spreads easily, and it can cause severe disease.

Activities for Youth

  • Agriculture and science-based curriculum for educators
  • 4-H STEM Activity Training Video: five creative and open-ended science & engineering activities for youth using (mostly) repurposed materials found at home
  • Accompanying guidebook complete with photo illustrations for the above science & engineering activities, including materials lists, pro tips, and extra challenges

COVID-19 Food Safety

Additional UC Resources