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Outstanding Employee Team of the Quarter - Ag Support Team

Back Row (L to R) Philip Smith; Curtis Havel; Brian Crawford; Larry Grace.  Front Row (L to R) Lisa Crosse; Scott Callow; Deborah Poiani; Steve Quirt; Lisa Bush; Johanna Patri; Anita Sauber; David Smail

County of Marin

Agriculture in Marin County is an important part of Marin's heritage and economy, and is ia key aspect of the quality of life in Marin County as it provides food products and preserves open space and natural resources. In an effort to support the agricultural industry in Marin, the County Agriculture Support Team was created in 2003. The purpose of the team is to assist agricultural producers who must obtain permits related to their operations. Team members are "ag specialists" within their departments. Members of the team represent the departments which process permits on agricultural lands, or serve as support to those departments which process permits on agricultural lands, or serve as support to those departments. In addition to responding regularly to agricultural related permit applications, Ag Support Team members have worked on a number of tasks related to agriculture, including:

  • Revisions to the County policies and practices related to agriculture, including modifications to the Development Code and Countywide Plan.
  • Streamlining permitting process.
  • Identifying incentives and/or obligations for continued agricultural use on properties where rural estates are proposed.
  • Drafting model agricultural conservation easement documents.

The team members by department are Community Development Agency: Brian Crawford; Curtis Havel; Johanna Patri; Debbie Poiani; Christi Johnson; Larry Grace; Phil Smith; Armando Alegria; Janet Mullin; Scott Callow; David Small; Rebecca Johnson; Christine Gimmler. Public Works: Eric Steger; Berenice Davidson; Liz Lewis. Agricultural Commissioner's Office: Anita Sauber. Farm Advisor's Office: Lisa Bush and Steve Quirt.

The County now has a highly specialized team which can respond efficiently to the unique aspects of agricultural operations and permit applications on agricultural land. Team members enable communications between departments, providing coordinated and speedy permit processes and facilitating resolution of difficult, unique,or complex situations on ag lands. Agricultural producers have expressed appreciation for the support they ahve recieved. Congratulations on a job well done!

Marin County Employees...committed to excellence in public service.