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UC ANR Free Publications

A vast selection of fact sheets and educational publications are available free of charge from the University of California's Agriculture and Natural Resources division. Peer-reviewed to ensure accuracy and reliability, these publications offer information on topics ranging from money management to rangeland management -- and everything in between!

Here are just a few:

Tried and True or Something New? Selected Citrus Varieties for the Home Gardener. Published November, 2011

Understanding Livestock Grazing Impacts. Published October, 2011

New UC studies examine costs of producing strawberries and more. Published July, 2011

Manure Treatment Technologies: Anaerobic Digesters. Published April, 2011

Livestock-Poisoning Plants of California. Published January, 2011

Home Survival in Wildfire-Prone Areas: Building Materials and Design

Planting California Forest Land

To explore the full listing of free publications, please visit the Free Publications page of the UC ANR online catalog, or browse through University of California cost and return studies.