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Sustainable Agriculture

As Sustainable Ag Coordinator for Marin County, I help connect producers to resources here and afield to increase the long-term viability of Marin farms and ranches as well as the health of our environment and communities. In collaboration with the larger UCCE family, I provide workshops and trainings and also conduct outreach to the ag community through newsletters and published materials that highlight new, sustainable approaches to agriculture.

As Agricultural Ombudsman, I help farmers and ranchers grapple with local, state, and county regulations. I assist with questions related to permitting of new enterprises and modifications to existing agricultural operations and provide general education regarding ag-specific regulations in the county. I also participate in stakeholder dialogue around new and existing rules to ensure that policy-makers have access to the agricultural perspective.

Additionally, I have been farming since 2010, working with operations from the Sierra Foothills to the Central Coast of California and now in Sonoma County. I have managed crews on multiple farms, growing for farmers markets, CSAs, restaurants and farmstands. At my own farm, we grow primarily for the restaurant trade, raising a diversity of greens, storage crops and orchard fruit.

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It is a pleasure to serve the agricultural community in Marin County and work with some of the finest farmers and ranchers in the country.

Vince Trotter 
Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator 

Sustainable Agriculture Resources

Our companion website growninmarin.org is a comprehensive resource available for Agriculture in Marin County. It provides an wealth of information for farmers and ranchers as well as the non-farming public that wants to know more about agriculture in this county. Visit growninmarin.org for:

  • Factsheets and workshop materials specific to Marin agriculture and the needs of our industry. 
  • Links to University of California resources as well as information from other organizations on meat, dairy, and specialty crop production, including both farming and business practices 
  • Ranch Listings of organic and sustainable producers who market to the public
  • History of Marin agriculture including videosphotos and educational materials for teachers