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The livestock and range program works with ranchers and producers, addressing such topics as animal health and welfare, marketing, and the management of range and natural resources. The program also cooperates with local resource agencies, conducting research in the wise stewardship of lands, humane methods of predator control, and sustainable agriculture for the livestock industry.

Recently, the Livestock & Range Management program has begun a field trial of the Livestock Protection Collar, a predator-management tool approved by the EPA, that targets only the depredating animal. It is hoped this collar will offer an environmentally sound solution to the severe flock depredation experienced by Sonoma County sheep ranchers. The Livestock Program has also sponsored recent workshops in organic wool production, and a seed variety trial to determine what grass and clover varieties do well.

Stephanie Larson, Livestock and Range Advisor, (707) 565-2621, slarson@ucdavis.edu

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