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Creek and Oak Woodland - Repository
To get an idea of what it is we do and talk about during these workshops, we have posted flyers with agendas for workshops that we have planned over the past few years. 

As the program has expanded, we now include useful links with in our agendas that include speaker websites, presentations and other materials and information you may find useful.

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Forest and Watershed Health - June 14, 2014  

Stormwater and Invasive Plants - 2012 

Streamside Properties - 2011
Forest & Watershed Health - 2009
Forest Ecology & Economics - 2008
Ecology, History & Threats - 2007


     Forest Ecology of Upper Langunitas Creek Watershed
     MMWD - San Geronimo Salmon
     Calif. Forest Stewardship Program - Forestland Steward
     Calif. Forest Improvement Program Fact Sheet


     PRBO - STRAW Project

     Planting Plan
     Plant List Details 

     Riparian Vegetation    

     Fish and Fish Habitat    

     Maintaining Wood in Streams:  A Vital Action for Fish Conservation        

     Technical and Financial Assistance