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Soil Irrigation & Watering Guidelines

Watering Guidelines

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People frequently ask: 

I have a (insert plant name here).  How much should I water it? 

While the species of plant is definitely a factor in how much water it will require, there are a number of other considerations, including:

     1) The texture and organic matter content of the soil
     2) The slope of the soil
     3) If a shallow clay or plow pan is present
     4) The depth to the water table
     5) The season and the weather
     6) The size of the plant

 Untangling all of these factors can be challenging.

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Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens - Photo

What are "Rain Gardens"?

Rain gardens collect rain water and beautify a yard. They provide a simple form of rainwater harvesting, allowing homeowners to save valuable water from going down storm drains.

Although more commonly found in wetter climates, rain gardens are beneficial in California’s Mediterranean climate with our dry and wet seasons. Local rainfall does not meet water demand in the summer months and water is diverted from rivers, or pumped from wells to support local needs.

Rain gardens offer an attractive and inexpensive way to conserve water. 

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Plant List for Rain Gardens