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Tomatoes - And the winners are ...



The results of Marin Master Gardener Tomato Tasting Event are in!

The top 3 choices out of 26 varieties, garnering similar numbers of votes were:

       Cherokee Purple
       Black Prince
In the next most popular group were:
       Early Girl
       Mortgage Lifter
       Green Zebra
       Big Beef

Big Yellow, Box Car Willie and Oregon Spring also had some fans. Last year's top winners, the cherry tomatoes Sun Gold and Sun Sugar, were excluded from our latest tasting.

                                                                      LOOK for our Tomato sale next April and taste some yourself!

See Tomato Descriptions from Master Gardener Tomato sale last April: ucce.ucdavis.edu/files/filelibrary/1410/34927.pdf

Frequently asked tomato questions http://cemarin.ucdavis.edu/Master_Gardener/Frequently_Asked_Tomato_Questions.htm

Thanks to all the Master Gardeners who provided bounty from their gardens for our September 4 Tomato Tasting.