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Sustainable Agriculture

As Sustainable Ag Coordinator for Marin County, I help connect producers to resources here and afield to increase the long-term viability of Marin farms and ranches n all the ways they support the health of our environment and communities. In collaboration with the larger UCCE family, I provide workshops and trainings and also conduct outreach to the ag community through newsletters and published materials that highlight new enterprise opportunities and sustainable approaches to agriculture.

As Agricultural Ombuds, I help farmers and ranchers grapple with local, state, and federal regulations. I assist with questions related to permitting of new enterprises and modifications to existing agricultural operations and provide general education regarding ag-specific regulations of all kinds. I also participate in stakeholder dialogue around new and existing rules to ensure that policy-makers have access to the agricultural perspective.

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It is a pleasure to serve the agricultural community in Marin County and work with some of the finest farmers and ranchers in the country.

Vince Trotter 
Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator