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Office Information

Marin County
Cooperative Extension Marin County
1682 Novato Boulevard
Suite 150-B
Novato, CA 94947
Phone: (415) 473-4204 4-H (415) 473-4207
Fax: (415) 473-4209

Staff List


Photo of David J Lewis
David J Lewis
Title: Director, Advisor
Specialty: Water and Watershed Management and Research, Community Development, Sustainable Agricutlure
Phone: (415) 473-4204
Email: djllewis@ucanr.edu


Photo of Janice M Alexander
Janice M Alexander
Title: Forest Health Program Coordinator
Phone: (415) 473-4204 Ext.3041
Email: jalexander@ucanr.edu
Photo of Ellie Andrews
Ellie Andrews
Title: Specialty Crops Advisor, Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties
Specialty: Agroecology, Agronomy, Soil-Plant Water Dynamics, Nutrient Management, Plant Physiology, Soil Health
Phone: 707-565-5031
Email: eandrews@ucanr.edu
Photo of Randi Black PhD
Randi Black PhD
Title: Dairy Advisor
Specialty: Dairy Advisor
Phone: 707-565-2648
Email: rablack@ucanr.edu
Photo of Mr Ron Filson
Mr Ron Filson
Title: Garden Walk Coordinator
Phone: 4156097847
Email: rfilson@ucanr.edu
Photo of Zaw Wai Htoo PhD, MPH
Zaw Wai Htoo PhD, MPH
Title: Community Nutrition and Health Advisor
Specialty: Nutrition and Health, Older Adults
Email: zhtoo@ucanr.edu
Photo of Stephanie Larson PhD
Stephanie Larson PhD
Title: County Director and Livestock Range Management Advisor
Specialty: Sheep management and production, fiber production, rangeland and natural resource management, water quality
Phone: (707) 565-2621
Email: slarson@ucanr.edu
Photo of Lorenzo Levinger
Lorenzo Levinger
Title: Japanese Knotweed Outreach Coordinator
Email: llevinger@ucanr.edu
Photo of Martha Martinez
Martha Martinez
Title: Program Assistant
Phone: 415-473-4206
Email: mrtmartinez@ucanr.edu
Photo of Ana Medina
Ana Medina
Title: Office Operations Manager
Phone: (415) 473-4221
Email: anamedina@ucanr.edu
Photo of Bonnie Nielsen
Bonnie Nielsen
Title: Communications Specialist
Phone: (415) 473-3261
Email: banielsen@ucanr.edu
Photo of Tori Norville
Tori Norville
Title: Cooperative Extension Fire Advisor
Email: trnorville@ucanr.edu
Photo of Ms Fiona O'Neill
Ms Fiona O'Neill
Title: Student Assistant
Phone: 4153420418
Email: foneill@ucanr.edu
Photo of Sophia Porter
Sophia Porter
Title: Fire-Smart Landscaping Science and Education Specialist
Phone: (415) 473-6498
Email: smporter@ucanr.edu
Photo of Ellie Rilla
Ellie Rilla
Title: Advisor Emeritus
Specialty: Public policy education, natural resource issues, community development
Phone: (415) 473-4204
Email: erilla@ucanr.edu
Photo of Steven Swain
Steven Swain
Title: Environmental Horticulture Advisor
Phone: (415) 473-4204
Email: svswain@ucanr.edu
Photo of Vince Trotter
Vince Trotter
Title: Sustainable Ag Coordinator & Agricultural Ombudsman
Phone: (415) 473-4204
Email: tvtrotter@ucanr.edu
Photo of Julia Van Soelen Kim
Julia Van Soelen Kim
Title: North Bay Food Systems Advisor
Phone: (415) 473-2708
Email: jvansoelen@ucanr.edu
Photo of Paul M Vossen
Paul M Vossen
Title: Farm Advisor, Emeritus (Sonoma & Marin Counties) Fruits / Vegetables / Marketing
Specialty: Tree fruits and nuts, vegetable crops, small farm specialty crops; marketing, Master Gardener Program, organic - sustainable production, olive oil, chestnuts, apples
Phone: (707) 565-2621
Email: pmvossen@ucanr.edu
Photo of Steven M. Worker PhD
Steven M. Worker PhD
Title: 4-H Youth Development Advisor
Specialty: Educational research; design and research of out-of-school (informal) learning environments; positive youth development; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education
Phone: 415-761-1020
Email: smworker@ucanr.edu