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Allison Keaney

Allison Keaney received a B.A. in Liberal Studies with an education emphasis from the San Francisco State University and an MBA with an emphasis in Organizational Development from CalPoly San Luis Obispo. She worked in the fields of human resources, training and organizational development with several global firms designing training tools, organizational development solutions and leadership strategies. 

In 2007, Allison joined 4-H with her children and became project leader and Assistant Community Club Leader.  In 2009 she joined Marin County 4-H as Program Representative supporting the county’s ten general and specialty clubs, 4-H in the Classroom, 4-H Afterschool and Youth Science Summit.

"HEAD – HEART – HANDS - HEALTH":    Whether youth participate in clubs, after school programs, day camps, or in other program settings, the 4-H Youth Development Program's mission and goals remain the same: "to help youth develop to their full potential"  

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The 4-H Youth Development Program is a nonformal educational youth program, conducted by the University of California Cooperative Extension.

The purpose of 4-H Youth Development is to help diverse young people discover and develop their potential and grow into competent, contributing, and caring citizens. Learn by doing activities, youth-adult partnerships, and research-based educational programs help young people enhance their leadership abilities and develop a wide range of other life skills.

Contact: Allison Keaney, 4-H Program Representative  (415) 473-4207



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