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4-H Marin Calendar and Events

Calender Schedule for 2024
Event Name Date
4-H State Field Day 5/25/2024
West Marin 4-H Fair 6/1/2024
Marin County Fair 7/3/2024
Marin 4-H Summer Camp 7/21/2024

Marin County Project Information

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Advanced Dairy Cattle- Project Leader Nancy Grossi; nancygrossi@gmail.com

Advanced Machine Sewing: 4th Wednesdays 6-8pm; Project Leader Christine Magtibay; jc_sky@hotmail.com 

American Sign Language (Completed until fall 2024): 3rd Wednesdays 6-7:30pm; Project Leader Christine Magtibay and Abigail Magtibay; jc_sky@hotmail.com

Art/ STEM Crafts: 3rd Wednesdays 3-5pm; Project Leader Christine Magtibay; jc_sky@hotmail.com

Arts and Crafts: Contact Project Leader Caryl Hodges; carylhodges14@gmail.com

Bee Keeping: Contact Project Leader Cecil Nielsen for Spring 2024 meeting dates; crnielsen415@gmail.com

Beginner Crochet: 2nd Wednesdays 3-4:30pm; Project Leader Gabriel Magtibay and Christine Magtibay; jc_sky@hotmail.com 

Beginner and Advance Crochet: 2nd Wednesday 7-8:15; Project Leader MaryJane Large; mjclarge@protonmail.com and Linda Karinen Lcmw3@yahoo.com 

Beginning Hand Sewing (Completed until fall 2024/Full): 1st Wednesday 3-5pm; Project Leader Abigail Magtibay and Christine Magtibay; jc_sky@hotmail.com 

Beginning Machine Sewing: 1st Wednesday 3-5pm; Project Leader Christine Magtibay; jc_sky@hotmail.com 

Breeding Beef Show Cattle: Project Leader Julie Rossotti; julie@rossottiranch.com 

C is for Cooking and Cookies: Spring Dates- 4/27/24; Project Leader Caryl Hodges; carylhodges14@gmail.com and Iris Anselmi; pamela@pamelateresa.com 

Dog Care and Training: Contact Project Leader Caryl Hodges; carylhodges14@gmail.com and/or Iris Anselmi; pamela@pamelateresa.com for Spring 2024 meeting dates. 

Environmental Outdoor Adventure: Either the 3rd or 4th Saturday of the month; Project Leader Kayla Gulick; kgulick@ucanr.edu

Geology: Contact Douglas Charlton for Spring 2024 dates; doug989tmm@gmail.com 

H-Lane Vaqueros Advanced Horse & Pony (FULL for 2023-2024): Project Leader Pat Duffy p171duffy@aol.com and Mimi Duffy mimi1023@comcast.net 

Jam Canning (FULL for 2023-2024): 4th Wednesdays 3-5pm (Sept-March); Project Leader Christine Magtibay jc_sky@hotmail.com and Heather Stuckenbroker Hstuckenbroker@gmail.com 

Knitting (Completed until fall 2024): Project Leader Susan Allan; susan@essanayfilms.com and Lisa Westin lisawestin@me.com 

LEGO imagination (SUMMER 2024): Project Leader Kayla Gulick; kgulick@ucanr.edu 

Public Speaking and Record Book Keeping: 3rd Thursday 7-8:30pm; Project Leader Elisabeth Wade; wadee@sonoma.edu 

Poultry Health and Showmanship: Contact Project Leader Erin Rose Charlton for Spring 2024 dates; erin.o.charlton@gmail.com 

Rabbit and Cavy (guinea pig) Health and Showmanship: Contact Caryl Hodges for Spring 2024 dates; carylhodges14@gmail.com 

Rocketry (Completed/FULL until fall 2024): 1st Saturday at 10am; Project Leader Elisabeth Wade; wadee@sonoma.edu 

Seasonal Charcuterie: 1st Saturday at 9am; Project leader Karen Taylor; bivalvedairy@gmail.com 

Sheep and Goat: First meeting Wednesday 3/27 at 4:30pm; Project Leader Erika Maloney ekitten08@yahoo.com 

Shooting Sports-Archery (FULL for 2023-2024): 1st Saturday at 9am; Project Leader Pat Karinen; p34karinen@gmail.com and Rodney De Bois; bfasrjc@outlook.com 

Shooting Sports- Shotgun (FULL for 2023-2024): 2nd Saturday at 9am; Project Leader Martin Charles Mpcharles@live.com and Pat Karinen p34karinen@gmail.com  

Soccer for Success (SPRING 2024): First meeting April 17th; Project Leader Kayla Gulick kgulick@ucanr.edu and Diane Ascher onramp@verizon.net 

Teens Leading and Learning Club: contact for project leaders for availability; Annie van den Toorn annievanden@hotmail.com and Michelle Bertram mich_bertram@yahoo.com 



Project photos 2023-2024





Enviro Club: Escape Room


Hike at Cascade Falls:


Western Round Up 2024:


Teen Club: Working with Seniors at Atria Senior Living 





2nd Crochet Project:



Hand Sewing:

Hand Sewing

Machine Sewing: